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McGraw-Hill, New York:

I Saw Red China
By lying and falsifying my visa applicant, Lisa Hobbs got into China in 1965 making her the first journalist for a U.S. newspaper to get into China in 10 years and the first U.S. woman journalist ever since the Communist takeover in 1949. Said Noble Prize winner Pearl Buck: “I consider this unpretentious yet powerful book to be the best that has yet been published about Red China.” Now out of print (and obsolete).

India, India
Considers social, cultural and religious traditions in India and whether prosperity can be achieved without the draconian measures used by communism in China. Out of print.

Love and Liberation: Up Front with the Feminists
Thesis is that there can be no love without liberation and no liberation without love. Out of print.
Shown: Dutch edition

Running Towards Life
After being in Cambodia and Vietnam, Lisa moved with her family from California to an isolated cabin on Vancouver Island. Out of print.

Macmillan, Canada:

A Rock and a Hard Place
Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby describes this book as “a balanced, intelligent, thoroughly human account of the way out from behind the bars.”

Such a Good Boy
The story of Darren Huenemann’s successful plan to engage two Vancouver Island teenagers to murder his mother and grandmother.

Uncommon Will: The Death and Life of Sue Rodriguez
A beautiful young victim of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) fights up to the Supreme Court of Canada to make her planned physician-assisted suicide legal.

Raincoast, Vancouver:

Western Lights: Fourteen Distinctive British Columbians
Ten interviews with with local people of note.

TEXT, Melbourne:

A Good Day to Die
What do dying people want? What do they need to live life as fully as possible to the last moment? What should be done or not done in those rare cases where pain is uncontrollable? This book is set in the palliative care centre at Monash University Hospital, Melbourne. Available only in Australia. Discussed by Pat Jalland, Professor of History in Social Science, at Australian National University, in her book “Changing Ways of Death”; Referenced in Gabor Mate’s “When The Body Says No”. Publisher’s site

Red Leaf, Vancouver

In Mania’s Memory
The interwoven stories of two women, one a Jewish child in Auschwitz, the other a female Nazi guard, whose lives miraculously reconnect years later. To be released August 2010.


Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich:

Short EssaysModels for Composition
Howe Sounds: A Bowen Island Anthology

Other publications:

Saturday Night magazine
Reader’s Digest
and others

Articles available online:

How the Bishop’s Scandal Blights True Remembrance
Vancouver Sun, September 14, 1996

Bob Dylan’s Idea for a Symphony
San Francisco Examiner, December 1965
(Article is halfway down the page.)


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